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$714.99 USD

Vertical Motion Earthquake Monitor All Weather Enclosure

  • Plug-and-play affordable home Earth monitoring solution
  • Detect & measure earthquakes & seismic activities like fracking, explosions, eruptions, avalanches, landslides etc
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Includes the Raspberry Pi board and all components
  • Comes pre built with everything you need to have your Raspberry Shake working right out of the box
  • Includes a custom built rain proof, dust proof, bug proof, all weather enclosure
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What you have included in this listing is one brand new pre made Raspberry Shake unit with a heavy duty fully sealed enclosure, complete with all components, and Raspberry Pi board – tried and tested and ready to shake. Being the complete ready to go kit, put together by our experts and featuring our custom built all weather case, we have called it the “Magnitude 9 with IP67 enclosure”.

Need some extra protection? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

The hardened enclosure, included here, will protect your unit against rainfall, dust and bugs. We call this an “IP67” enclosure, which means that it is fully weather proof, dust tight and can withstand immersion (30 minutes at 1 meter).

This turn-key personal earthquake detection device is ideal for hobbyists, creators, tech geeks and geophysical institutes alike who want to install their Raspberry Shake outside.

For your added peace of mind, we test the unit for a few days to make sure that every single software element is working to spec and that your Raspberry Shake is well calibrated

To get started just take your Raspberry Shake out of the box, plug it in and connect to see the earth move.

The Raspberry Shake and some of the software that lives on the Raspberry Pi are licensed under the OSOP Raspberry Shake License. We have made this available at no additional charge for personal use. If you are interested in commercial or institutional use or some use other than for a personal hobby activity, please purchase the License. You can read the license terms here.

Raspberry Shake is an OSOP Product.

Get your Raspberry Shake today and start watching the Earth move, shake and wiggle!

Additional Information

Model RS 1D Magnitude 9 + IP67
Raspberry Pi model included Ships with 3 Model B
Connectivity Wifi or Ethernet
System Requirements Windows, Linux or Mac OS compatible
License Free for school teachers / personal use. License must be purchased for government, research or commercial use.
Warranty The Raspberry Shake circuit board and geophone components come with a one year guarantee.  Full details.
Technical Specifications Click here.
Shipping All products are shipped by INCOTERM DAP. The buyer assumes all responsibility for import duties and taxes. Shipping Terms.

What's included

  • 1x Raspberry Shake circuit board
  • 1x vertical Earth motion monitoring sensor (“geophone”, 4.5 Hz) with cables
  • 1x Raspberry Pi single-board computer
  • 1x IP67 Weather proof enclosure
  • 1x aluminum mounting and leveling base
  • 1x 8 GB Micro SD Card (pre-programmed and fully tested)
  • 1x Ethernet Cable with IP67 field kit
  • 1x 5V 2.5 Amp power supply (Plug types supported: A, C, G, I) with IP67 water-resistant power connector
  • External connections: Ethernet, Power. Need an external USB connection? Click here.