Detect Earthquakes & Watch the Earth Move

Discover what’s shaking all around you

Dive into the fascinating world of seismology and join a global network of hobbyists using Raspberry Shake’s powerful earthquake sensors.

Professional Quality

Professional-grade components used by expert seismologists.

Free Software

Monitor Earth’s Seismic Heartbeat, Anytime, Anywhere with our free online software suite.

Plug & Play

Set up is easy. You can manage nearly everything from your smartphone.

Interact with your local environment like never before

Advanced tools for real-time seismic insights, global earthquake tracking, and detailed ground motion data & visualizations

Did you feel it?

Visualize, understand, and be aware of how the Earth moves and shakes around you, all the time, in real time. Detect even the most imperceptible ground motion activity.

See What’s Shaking

Experience the “seismic sound” humans create through our daily activities. Compare them to those generated by natural events such as earthquakes, landslides, and even heavy storms.

Use Free Software Tools

Utilize DataView, Station View, and our mobile app for advanced seismic visualization. Access global earthquake events and data from any station on our network.

“M7.7 #earthquake occurred today at 13:20:00 (UTC) near the Loyalty Islands, north of New Zealand, detected by my Raspberry Shake. This earthquake was ~16500 km’s away (epicentral distance), and is clearly visible in the waveform. #CitizenScience”

Alex Rutson – Seismology Hobbyist

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Explore local and global ground motion

From a pin drop to a big earthquake on the other side of the planet, monitor seismic and infrasound activities, both natural and human-made, with your own Raspberry Shake

Discover Earth’s Secrets:

From earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to avalanches and heavy storms, Raspberry Shake allows you to monitor and track our planet in motion.

Monitor Human Impact:

Detect human activities all around you, from rush hour traffic and cheering crowds to construction and quarry explosions, offering a unique perspective on how human actions can impact the world around us.

Stay Informed:

Access one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive lists of recent earthquake activity worldwide and explore how these events were recorded on seismographs like yours on the Raspberry Shake network.


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Pro-Grade Hardware with Free Easy-to-Use Software

Detect everything from a pin drop to a big earthquake with professional-grade hardware that’s easy to set up and connect to a free software ecosystem. Enjoy advanced capabilities without needing expert knowledge.

What Hobbyists Are Saying

“ Is the perfect tool for keeping track of and comparing the regular earthquakes we feel here. It’s so much fun watching the seismic waves in real time and sharing the data with my followers”

James Reynolds

Video producer and filmmaker

Join us in a new age of citizen science participation

Measuring Earth’s movements and monitoring earthquakes was once exclusive to governments, with seismographs being complex and costly. Raspberry Shake makes seismographs simple, and with input from community members like you, they have proven invaluable to experts.

Dig deeper into the data! Use our free software tools to investigate and visualize ground motion captured across ShakeNet and your own device(s).

Whether You Live in an Active Earthquake Area or Not…

Gain insights into Earth’s movements and explore the hidden vibrations of the planet with your own pro-level seismograph.