Geophone Sensor Cut Open

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Look Inside A Seismometer

  • Ever wondered what’s inside a geophone Earthquake sensor? Well now you can see for yourself!
  • Ideal for teachers and curious hobbyists or anyone who likes to dismantle things
  • Great to learn more about seismometers and an ideal teaching aid
  • Or perhaps it could be your new unique fidget toy, Pet Geophone (remember “Pet Rock”?!) or simply a cool paper weight!
  • Note: This geophone is non functional and quantities are limited
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Curious to know what is actually inside a geophone and how a seismometer like this actually works? Now you can see for yourself with this pre opened Earth motion sensor.

We have very strict quality control standards for the Raspberry Shake and about 5% of the geophones we order do not make the cut. We gather up all of the geophones that are out of spec, and haul them over to our band saw and cut them open for you.

It is fascinating to see what is actually inside and gives you a real insight into how it is able to capture the tiny vibrations as the Earth moves right beneath you.

These cut open geophones make fantastic learning tools for teachers and educational facilities. They are also an ideal solution for the inquisitive among you to see and feel for yourselves, what is inside.

What's included

1x Geophone Earth motion sensor – Non functional (for education purposes)


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