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Discover seismic and atmospheric activity with precision and ease. Harness the power of advanced monitoring technology to observe the unseen and connect with a global network of citizen scientists.

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  • Real-time Data Interaction

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  • Educational Packages

How it works

Raspberry Shake seismographs and infrasound monitors use professional-grade earth sensors, the Shake Board digitizer, and the Raspberry Pi with our custom Shake OS. Geophone, accelerometer, and infrasound sensors act as “earth microphones,” always listening to our planet and human impact.


A geophone sensor consists of a coil wrapped around a mass, suspended over a magnet by a spring. When the mass moves due to ground velocity, it generates an electrical signal (voltage) by moving electrons through the coil.

MEMs Accelerometer

This micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensor detects movement using a mass attached to a spring. When vibrations occur, the forces on the spring are measured to determine local ground acceleration.

Infrasound Sensor

This high-precision sensor, also called a microbarometer, measures minute changes in atmospheric pressure. It can detect sound signals that are inaudible to the human ear.

Our Free Software Ecosystem

Unlock the full potential of your Raspberry Shake with our comprehensive free online software. Utilize DataView and Station View for advanced seismic visualization, and access global earthquake events and data from any station on our network.


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What can you detect?

Detect earthquakes and more with our professional-grade sensors

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Professional Quality

Professional-grade components used by expert seismologists.

Free Software

Monitor Earth’s Seismic Heartbeat, Anytime, Anywhere with our free online software suite.

Plug & Play

Set up is easy. You can manage nearly everything from your smartphone.

One product, various use cases

Love gadgets? The Raspberry Shake range has something for everyone!


Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, makers, hobbyists, and citizen scientists can connect to the Raspberry Shake network to monitor Earth’s activities from home.


Schools and universities can access global Raspberry Shake data, making it ideal for both seismically active and quiet regions. It supports IRIS Teachable Moments and works with jamaSeis and SWARM software.”


Government and private research facilities can densify networks cost-effectively and comply with legal monitoring requirements.

There are many exciting projects you can do with your Raspberry Shake. Use it to understand ecosystem changes like melting ice caps, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, and observe the “cultural noises” of human impact. It’s fun to build, program, and watch the Earth moooooove!