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4.5 Hz / 380 Ohm Vertical Geophone

$73.99 USD

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely sensitive and accurate earth motion monitoring sensor
  • 4.5 Hertz vertical Geophone, ~380-400 Ohms
  • Includes pre soldered cables and screws
  • Measures vertical motion earthquakes magnitude 2 and up within a radius of around 50 miles (80 kms)
  • Measures vertical motion earthquakes magnitude 4 and up within a radius of around 250 miles (400 kms)
  • Measures earthquakes with vanishingly small magnitudes imperceptible to your human senses but easily seen with this geophone.

What’s included:

  • 1x vertical Earth motion monitoring sensor (“geophone”, 4.5 Hz) with cables
  • Geophone holder, screws and cable


Need a spare geophone? Throw this in the cart!

The main sensor is a geophone. You can think of it as a microphone for Earth vibrations. It is a rugged little Earth motion sensor that has been the standard in the oil exploration business for decades. As the Earth’s tectonic plates move about, as volcanoes erupt, as we inject fluids into the land around us (“frak-ing”) and as we build more high-rise buildings, the Earth’s brittle crust cracks and creaks. The geophone is an exquisitely sensitive sensor about the size of your thumb and has been finely tuned to accurately measure even the smallest disturbances. They were built to be handled by oil crew roughnecks who throw them on and off the truck many times a day. We have yet to see one of these little geophones fail.

To help you out a little we have even soldered the wires on this Geophone for you.

The geophone comes with a one-year guarantee.

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