RPi Starter Kit

$399.00 USD

Student STEM Interface 

  • Complete Raspberry Pi (RPi) starter kit with keyboard, screen, mouse, and more!
  • Easily connect and program with classroom Raspberry Shake(s)
  • Comes with huge variety of connectors, sensors, and other gadgets
  • Box comes unassembled
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Empower students with their very own STEM starter kit!  It easily connects to your school’s Raspberry Shake(s) and opens the possibilities for many more classroom activities.

Everything you need to get started is included! From the power supply to the screen, keyboard and mouse. Also included is a comprehensive kit of electronic parts allowing you to do much more and get you going creating amazing projects. We have joined forces with the Teaching Through Technology (T³) Alliance (our education partners) and Easybotics (who have put together this amazing kit) to provide you with more resources to help you make the most of your kit. Click on the “Getting Started” tab for more details!

The wood box comes unassembled and takes about 20-30 minutes to assemble, this is part of the fun?  Please have your students assembly the box as it was designed for this purpose. You can even dis-assemble the box at a later time for new groups of students so that they can have the full experience of putting it together. 

Designed and produced with 100% renewable energy in Hilo, Hawaii (USA).

* Please note that shipping is currently only available within the United States.  Please contact us if you are outside of this area so we can be aware of such needs.

Getting Started

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What's Included

Additional Information

  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11 × 3 × 13 in
  • Box comes unassembled