Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer Customization

$75.00 USD

  • Send us your active sensor’s specifications and we will customize the front end to work with your sensor’s input voltage range (or damping resistor in the  case of passive sensors)
  • If you have bought the Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer and would like some help to ensure that it works out of the box with your sensor, why not reach out to our experts?

    With this listing you can connect with an OSOP technician who will customize your Raspberry Jam board with the correct resistors and/or capacitors for your specific active/ passive sensors. This will be done in house by our experts, so your board will arrive ready to go.

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    • 1x Service session with an OSOP technician to customize one Raspberry Jam board with the correct resistors and/ or capacitors for your active/ passive sensors prior to shipping
  • The Earth is always shakingggggg! From local tremors, traffic rumbling by, fracking & quarry explosions and even nuclear testing, to the BIG earthquakes that hit half a world away… NOW you can see it ALL!

    The Raspberry Jam is a professional grade universal digitizer which allows you to attach your own sensors and start recording Earth vibrations. Now you have complete flexibility and can customize your own seismograph with short-period to broadband seismometers and infrasound sensors. Both passive and active sensors are supported.

    • Monitor earthquakes and other Earth movements happening right beneath your feet
    • Capture human vibrations, such as rush hour traffic, fracking, construction, explosions, noisy neighbors and even your washing machine’s spin cycle!
    • Easily record local earthquakes that you actually felt
    • Measure earthquakes from half the world away imperceptible to your human senses
    • Become a citizen scientist, make a difference and share your data with seismic observatories worldwide
    • Monitor and analyze the data from any other Raspberry Shake’s in the global network (there are hundreds).
    • Check out our Android app and get instant earthquake updates on your phone
    • Each Raspberry Jam is carefully put together by our experts and built with industrial quality hardware
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