RS1D | All Weather without RPi

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DIY Set: Board, Sensor, SD Card & All Weather Enclosure

  • Maker / creator/ Do It Yourselfer affordable home Earth monitoring solution
  • Detect & measure earthquakes & seismic activities like fracking, explosions, eruptions, avalanches, landslides, etc.
  • Contains everything you need to get started except the Raspberry Pi Board (sold separately)
  • Includes a custom built rain proof, dust proof, bug proof, all weather enclosure
  • Great for those who love putting things together themselves – It’s easy! Just follow the instructions!
  • Home/Classroom Use
  • All Other Use Cases
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Do you already have your own Raspberry Pi computer? Great, now you can put it to good use!

What you have included in this listing is all the parts for your Raspberry Shake unit, ready to be put together – You just need to add the Raspberry Pi board (sold separately). This is an easy DIY project which is fun and simple to put together and this version features our custom built all weather case – Just add the Raspberry Pi!

Need some extra protection? No problem, we’ve got you covered.  The hardened enclosure, included here, will protect your unit against rainfall, dust and bugs. We call this an “IP67” enclosure, which means that it is fully weather proof, dust tight and can withstand immersion (30 minutes at 1 meter).

Ideal for hobbyists and creators who already have an extra Raspberry Pi kicking around.  We ship you everything you need. Just pop in your own Raspberry Pi, assemble the parts and things will boot right up.

The Raspberry Shake and some of the software that lives on the Raspberry Pi are licensed under the Raspberry Shake License

Perfect fit for your Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B(+), or Model B+.

Additional Information

Model RS 1D Magnitude 8 + IP67
Compatible Raspberry Pi Models 2/3 Model B(+), Model B +
Connectivity Wifi or Ethernet
System Requirements Windows, Linux or Mac OS compatible
License All users must adhere to the Raspberry Shake license agreement.
Warranty The Raspberry Shake circuit board and geophone components come with a one year guarantee. Full details.
Technical Specifications Click here.
Shipping All products are shipped by INCOTERM DAP. The buyer assumes all responsibility for import duties and taxes.  Shipping Terms.

What's included

  • 1x Raspberry Shake circuit board
  • 1x vertical Earth motion monitoring sensor (“geophone”, 4.5 Hz) with cables
  • 1x 8 GB Micro SD Card (pre-programmed)
  • 1x IP67 Weatherproof enclosure
  • 1x aluminum mounting and leveling base
  • 1x Ethernet Cable with IP67 field kit
  • 1x 5V 2.5 Amp power supply (Plug types supported: A, C, G, I) with IP67 water-resistant power connector
  • External connections: Ethernet, Power. Need an external USB connection? Click here.