RS3D | DIY Kit

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Triaxial Velocity Monitor

  • Professional grade seismograph with orthogonal east, north, and vertical geophones
  • Measure all earthquakes and seismic events, both horizontally and vertically
  • Detect all magnitude local seismicity and larger earthquakes from across the globe
  • Advanced sensor capabilities for high quality seismic data across all axes
  • DIY version includes all hardware except Raspberry Pi computer and cables
  • Compatible Raspberry Pi Models:  3 Model B, 2/3/4 Model B(+), Model B+
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Build the RS3D yourself with this DIY version! Just add your own Raspberry Pi computer board, Ethernet and power cables, and all the other hardware necessary to make your device is included.

Incorporating three weak-motion geophone sensors, the fully assembled RS3D is our most sensitive seismograph for recording seismic activity of all magnitudes, both vertically and laterally.

The RS1D, RS3D, RS4D and RS&BOOM have the same capabilities for detecting ground motion in the vertical dimension. However, the RS3D replicates these abilities in the horizontal dimensions, providing the user with a more complete view of the Earth motion in all three axes (east, north, and vertical; triaxial). This is especially useful for users who want a clearer picture of an earthquake’s S waves, which generally are more prominent across the horizontal plane.

Being one of our most advanced sensors, it is the perfect solution for serious enthusiasts with a strong interest in the subject, as well as seismologists, geologists, and professional geophysicists that require high quality measurements of both the vertical and horizontal axes.

For a side by side comparison of our devices to see which one is right for you, please go here.

Additional information

Weight 0.68 kg

Home/Classroom Use, All Other Use Cases

Getting Started

Setup and installation is easy! Click on this link for our Quick Start Guide to find all the details to getting started.

  • See our growing map of RS devices (and soon yours) on Station View
  • Sign up or login to your RS Dashboard on the “ShakeNet” web portal
  • Are you a teacher? Go to our dedicate Shake Education website

Need Help?

  • Looking for a quote or do you have a specific sales question? Contact us here.
  • With the product itself? – Go to our technical support forum here.
  • On any aspect of setup, instructions, recommendations, power user topics and more? – Go to our full manual here.

Additional Information

Compatible Raspberry Pi Models 3 Model B, 2/3/4 Model B(+), Model B+
Connectivity Wifi or Ethernet
System Requirements Windows, Linux or Mac OS compatible
License All users must adhere to the Raspberry Shake license agreement.
Warranty The Raspberry Shake circuit board and geophone components come with a one year guarantee. Full details. 
Technical Specifications Click here.
Shipping All products are shipped by INCOTERM DAP. The buyer assumes all responsibility for import duties and taxes. Shipping Terms.

What's Included

  • 1x Raspberry Shake 3D circuit board
  • 3x Earth motion monitoring sensors with cables
  • 1x Enclosure
  • 1x 8 GB Micro SD Card (pre-programmed)

Not included

This kit does not include the Raspberry Pi computer and cables. These would be supplied by you separately.


  • Easy web-based configuration
  • ShakeNet mobile app for data visualization and earthquake monitoring
  • Web-based applications for data visualization compatible with Firefox/ Chrome/ IE
  • Desktop applications for data visualization compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with all industry-standard seismological applications (e.g., ObsPy, SeisComP3, Earthworm)


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