External USB Connection for All Weather Enclosure

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Weatherproof External USB Connection

  • External waterproof (IP67) USB connection
  • Use a GPS antenna, USB stick or GPRS USB modem with IP67 enclosure
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External weatherproof USB connection for All Weather enclosure. Now you can easily connect either a USB stick, GPRS USB modem or GPS USB antenna to your enclosure whilst maintaining its all weather seal.

Please note there are two styles. The first is designed to work with USB sticks and the second is intended for use with USB devices such as USB-powered GPRS modem; USB-powered GPS antenna.

Additional Information

USB version 2.0
Cable length (for USB devices)  1 m

What's included

For both styles:

  • 1x external USB port with dust cap
  • Comes pre-installed in All Weather enclosure if purchased together. Otherwise, delivered separately.

For USB stick style only:

  • 1x external USB cover

For USB devices style only:

  • 1x waterproof USB connector with 1 meter extension cable
  • 1x female to female converter (Not IP67)

Note: If you need more than one USB connection on your All Weather enclosure, email us at sales@raspberryshake.org. Whether or not this is possible will depend on a few factors including which Raspberry Shake model you plan to use/ purchase.