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Universal Digitizer with Weatherproof Enclosure

  • Perfect for geophysical institutes and hobbyists alike who have their own sensors and need an inexpensive 24-bit (144 dB) digitizer
  • Universal 24-bit digitizer for use with: passive and active sensors such as the S-13, L-4, or Trillium Compact; broadband and short-period and infrasound sensors or any other sensors with analog sensors within the proper range.
  • Includes the Raspberry Pi single board computer
  • Includes a custom built IP67 rated dust proof, bug proof, all weather enclosure

Can be customized to meet your needs by specifying in the drop down below.

  • Home/Classroom Use
  • All Other Use Cases
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The Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer (RJAM) is the latest addition to the Raspberry Shake product portfolio. A powerful universal digitizer compatible with most seismometers and infrasound sensors such as the Trillium Compact, S-13 or L-4C (for full details, supported sensors and technical specifications please see here).

We have had many inquiries over the years for a device that allows scientists and hobbyists to use their own sensors. Now you can with the RJAM, it is ideal for geophysical institutes and seismology hobbyists alike.

With the RJAM, you can add a variety of sensors from short-period to broadband seismometers and infrasound sensors.  The RJAM can also be configured for passive or active sensors. This can be accomplished by changing some resistor values. To simplify the setup process for you, you can have us mount the resistors by selecting the customization desired from the drop down above..

The circuit board of the Raspberry Jam incorporates three 24 bit (144 dB) digitizers, each sampling the Earth’s motion at 100 samples per second. In addition, the digitizer has a data transmission rate of four packets per second, making it Earthquake Early Warning compatible. For full specifications please see here.

This product listing comes with the Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer, Raspberry Pi computer and an all weather enclosure.  The hardened enclosure, included here, will protect your unit against rainfall, dust and bugs. This IP67 rate enclosure is fully weather proof, dust tight and can withstand immersion (30 minutes at 1 meter).

Additional Information

Waterproof Rated Yes, IP67.  Click here for more information
Compatible Raspberry Pi Models 2/3/4 Model B(+), Model B (+)
Raspberry Pi model included Ships with 3 Model B
Connectivity Wifi or Ethernet
System Requirements Windows, Linux or Mac OS compatible
License All users must adhere to the Raspberry Shake license agreement.
Warranty The R Jam Pi Full + IP67 comes with a one year guarantee. Full details.
Technical Specifications Click here.
Shipping All products are shipped by INCOTERM DAP. The buyer assumes all responsibility for import duties and taxes.  Shipping Terms.

What's Included

  • 1x Fully tested Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer Board
  • 1x Raspberry Pi single-board computer
  • 1x IP67 All Weather Enclosure
  • 1x 8 GB pre-programmed Micro SD Card
  • 1x 5V 2.5 Amp power supply (Plug types supported: A, C, G, I) with IP67 water-resistant power connector
  • External connections: Ethernet, Power, USB, Sensor (female).
  • 1x Ethernet Cable with IP67 water-resistant Ethernet connector, 1 meter in length
  • 1x USB Cable with IP67 water-resistant USB connector, 1 meter in length
  • USB GPS antenna sold separately. Click here (this is an optional accessory; not needed for most applications.)
  • Connector for your sensor’s cable sold separately. Sensor connector cap shown in photo not included.


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